Monday, September 29, 2014


Sound and Sense
-pp 41-53
Define denotation and connotation; p42-43, 44
Read "Pathedy of Manners" on pp44-45, answer questions #1 and 2
On pp 46-47, complete exercises 1-6; Share out.

Read "Cross" on p49, record in Poetry Journal; answer question #1, AND complete TPS-FAST;
-use language from your glossary to describe figurative language and theme.

Assignment: write an original poem: Incorporate multiple words with different connotative and/or denotative meanings.  Minimum two stanzas, identifiable rhyme scheme, each line should be approximately the same amount of syllables, employ imagery, maybe employ a caesura.  Credit for completion, due FRIDAY.

HW: Bring college essays/peer review sheet for credit Tuesday; draft of Candide essay for peer review and completion credit Wednesday; original poem for Friday. Bring reading journal every day--I'll be grading a few each day this week.

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