Thursday, December 15, 2016

AGENDA 12/15

Turn in gold essay checklist with your paragraph of how you improved your essay's style
Make final revisions to essays and submit to before 11:59pm tonight (or secure an extension right now!)

Check to make sure you have submitted all of your assignments. Here are the directions for the two review sheets (one for A Tale of Two Cities and one for All the Pretty Horses). In addition, you had two other assignments for All the Pretty Horses--your typed 3-2-1 discussion notes from the date you were a discussion leader, and your rhetorical analysis mini-essay on your assigned passage from the novel). Further, you need to submit your college essay/personal statement (either one long "Common App" style essay, or your 4 UC responses, with the prompts at the top or the prompt #).

Multiple-choice practice
1. C       23. A
2. B       24. B
3. A       25. E
4. C       26. D
5. D       27. E
6. A       28. D
7. E       29. B
8. C       30. D
9. D       31. D
10. C      32. C
11. B      33. C

HW: Submit your essay to before 11:59pm PST tonight. Prepare for final exam by practicing multiple choice and reviewing your FLT sheet for the prose essay and your notes from open and prose essay practice.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

AGENDA 12/14

Continue to revise AP Open essays 1982 and 2004 for content and style
Content and Style Revision PPT

Checklist for AP Open essays

HW: Finish revising AP Open Q essays and submit to Prepare to discuss Homegoing and make final additions to group powerpoint

Friday, December 9, 2016


Day 1 of Revision of process papers - Open Question 1982 or 2004
Content Revision guided ppt

Discuss with table: what are your three immediate priorities for revision?

HW: Finish Homegoing for Tuesday and add to group ppt. Bring revised copy (either hard copy or make sure you have online access) to your open question paper draft for Monday's class.