Thursday, March 19, 2015


Here are the directions from the ppt I shared in class to help you start your foldable review

Select 8 works to review, at least 6 of which are texts we studied together (2 can be independent reading books or works you studied in previous years).

For each work:

  • 3-4 important characters
    • Provide a relationship or brief description
  • Two brief, memorizable quotations
  • Theme Keywords & Literary Questions
    • What questions does this work raise?
    • What concepts or motifs recur in this work?
  • Summarize 3 important scenes w/ details
    • Demonstrate you actually read the book
Due 3/27 in class. You may use the colored paper provided, or index cards, or another thoughtful method to organize this information.

Monday, March 2, 2015


Check-in: Poetry Study Project
by end of week, Critical Annotation #3 (biography or literary criticism) and working thesis for poet vision & synthesis paper

Poetry Project Overview

Poet Vision & Synthesis paper, First steps: Select 3-6 poems (based on length and complexity) that you're interested in writing about: what patterns or ideas do you notice? What's worth discussing or noticing?

Biography paper, First Steps: complete 3rd critical annotation and start to think about categories of information that you could use to organize the biography