Thursday, December 15, 2016

AGENDA 12/15

Turn in gold essay checklist with your paragraph of how you improved your essay's style
Make final revisions to essays and submit to before 11:59pm tonight (or secure an extension right now!)

Check to make sure you have submitted all of your assignments. Here are the directions for the two review sheets (one for A Tale of Two Cities and one for All the Pretty Horses). In addition, you had two other assignments for All the Pretty Horses--your typed 3-2-1 discussion notes from the date you were a discussion leader, and your rhetorical analysis mini-essay on your assigned passage from the novel). Further, you need to submit your college essay/personal statement (either one long "Common App" style essay, or your 4 UC responses, with the prompts at the top or the prompt #).

Multiple-choice practice
1. C       23. A
2. B       24. B
3. A       25. E
4. C       26. D
5. D       27. E
6. A       28. D
7. E       29. B
8. C       30. D
9. D       31. D
10. C      32. C
11. B      33. C

HW: Submit your essay to before 11:59pm PST tonight. Prepare for final exam by practicing multiple choice and reviewing your FLT sheet for the prose essay and your notes from open and prose essay practice.

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