Thursday, October 2, 2014


Sound and Sense
-pp 49
Finish "Cross" TPS-FAST and Question #1 in partners
Submit working thesis on post-it for feedback

Draft original poem:

  • must have recognizable rhyme scheme (or intentionally unrhymed)
  • minimum 2 stanzas
  • roughly same number of syllables per line (or recognizable pattern)
  • employ some sort of figurative language or sensory details
  • use caesura and enjambment for effect
  • tackle a school-audience-appropriate topic
  • reveal a recognizable theme or paint an image clearly (be TPS-FAST-able)
  • contain a handful of words with multiple connotations
Need inspiration? I wrote a poem

HW: Bring your original poem for completion credit (must contain required elements above). Candide essays submitted to next Wednesday

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