Thursday, February 26, 2015


Review of yesterday's multiple-choice: trends, what to work on, etc.
Discuss Chronicle of a Death Foretold in groups of 5, examining it in the context of the 1986 Open Question

1986: Some works of literature use the element of time in a distinct way. The chronological sequence of events may be altered, or time may be suspended or accelerated. Choose a novel, an epic, or a play of recognized literary merit and show how the author’s manipulation of time contributes to the effectiveness of the work as a whole.

To break this down:
1) What is/are the meaning(s) of the work as a whole? (e.g. possible themes)
2) How does the manipulation of time help reveal or support this meaning?
3) What evidence (particular scenes/details) might you use to support your ideas?

HW: Critical Annotation #2 due tomorrow: book of poems. Examine the editor's choices in assembling this collection of poems. Pay particular attention to the foreword/preface/table of contents/afterword/back cover as you summarize, assess, and reflect. Revise Critical Annotation #1 if you would like more credit, using my comments to guide you.

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