Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Thinking Map: Defining "What Is Poetry"

Construct a circle map in plain pen or pencil, with "poetry" at the center, and list out everything you know about poetry (e.g., types of poems, famous poets, what poetry does, literary terms associated with poetry, etc.)

Collaborate with a partner and share maps. Add to your map if you desire.

Return to your seat and apply color to categorize some of the thinking in your map and add a key/legend to explain the meaning of the colors.

Draw a frame around the margins of the page in the same plain pencil or pen. We'll call this our Frame of Reference.

Now, in blue (or banded in blue), label "My Current P.O.V. of Poetry" and write a complete sentence to explain your current point of view: Do you like poetry? Dislike it? Find poetry confusing? Find poetry inspiring? (Remember: Blue is for Point of View)

Get Perrine's Sound and Sense from the textbook room. Read pages 3-10, Chapter 1, "What is Poetry?" Add 3 pieces of textual evidence from the reading to your map and put a green band/circle around it (or write in green if you prefer). Make sure to cite the textual evidence (Perrine #)! (Remember, Green is for the source your ideas spring from or grow from)

NOTE: If, while reading the source, you come up with other information to add to your original circle map, you absolutely should! Just circle that word/phrase in green (in addition to any other categories you've already circled it for) to distinguish that it came from the source rather than your prior knowledge.

Use red to band/frame/write a complete sentence answering "So What?" near the top of your frame: What is a working definition of poetry? Taking together your initial ideas and the reading, what IS poetry?

Use red to band/frame/write a complete sentence answering "So Why?" near the bottom of your frame: Why do people study poetry? Why does poetry endure? Why is poetry important?
(Remember, Red is for Stop and Reflect or Stop and Synthesize)

Bring your completed map to class tomorrow and be ready to discuss. Here's our sample-work-in-progress map with sticky notes giving directions on items yet to be completed.

HW: Finish map/reflection and finish revising Candide papers (final draft due to Turnitin.com by Sunday evening!)

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