Wednesday, October 21, 2015

AGENDA 10/21

Lesson: Asides

Watch "Shakespearean Aside" and discuss: What is an aside? How is it used? What are the effects? How would it differ if the other character gave the aside? What might that character reveal differently?

Then, show “Aside” : how can we make our definition/ideas more formal? Why are asides prevalent in Restoration comedies? What are other reasons this drama teacher shares as to why playwrights use asides?

Next, discuss the use of asides in School for Scandal: Which characters use asides most frequently? Why might this be?

Finally, let's practice! Write a short skit for two characters given a conflict. Then, add asides for one character to make the audience sympathetic to that character, make the character more believable or well-developed, or increase dramatic tension. Then try adding asides for the other character. How do the asides change the meaning of the play or influence your understanding of characters?

HW: Continue to work on online discussion of gossip in The School for Scandal  and a journal entry on the text (A1, A2, two options).

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