Thursday, October 13, 2016

AGENDA 10/13

Reading background information and adding to our circle maps for Charles Dickens’ Life and Times and the French Revolution

Share and discuss what you learned
What to look for as we read:
“In the nineteenth century everyone, from Queen Victoria to the street sweepers, either read Dickens or had Dickens read to them.” --David Perdue, member of The Dickens Fellowship and contributor to The Charles Dickens Museum
  • Serial publication: lots of cliffhangers, more like episodes of a TV show than one sustained “movie”
  • Character: Dickens’ writing endures because of his memorable character descriptions
  • History and Social Reform: Dickens feared the violence and upheaval of France, and saw class tensions and underrepresentation/care for working people becoming huge issues as England industrializes
  • Themes: Dickens tends to believe in humanity’s goodness and in optimism, even in difficult times
  • Motifs: blood, light, family, stability, golden, duality/doubles, sacrifice, revolution, bank, wine, the law, aristocracy, resurrection

HW: Read Ch 1 of Tale:  consider using an audiobook!

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