Thursday, February 23, 2017


Critical annotations directions

Show the video “Shakespeare--In a Nutshell” and explain that my critical annotation was a writeup of that video. Please have students analyze my directions and sample to understand how to do this assignment. Then, they may take computers and research Shakespeare’s life and times--they can examine video sources on YouTube, or use traditional web pages. A good place to start is with our library’s databases: , then select “Proquest.” Login is SMMUSDS and password is LIBRARY. Select “SIRS Knowledge Source” and “keyword” search, then enter your search terms, like “Shakespeare’s life and times.” Students may also use traditional search engines like Google. Whatever website or short video they choose, students should summarize the source with key details, assess its credibility and expertise, and reflect on how this adds to their understanding of the topic.

HW: Finish the critical annotation on Shakespeare’s life and times for Sunday - due to by 8pm Sunday. Here again is my sample writeup of the Shakespeare video watched in class; students should select a different source giving information on Shakespeare's life or times.

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