Wednesday, November 12, 2014

AGENDA 11/12

Distribute poetry concepts/terms for next week's poetry terms quiz - I recommend that you first sift them into concept circles, then define. On Friday, we'll review any that are still unfamiliar (knowing that we'll work on some more terms tomorrow). Check out this online literary terms glossary from Bedford/St. Martin's or this online literary terms glossary from The Poetry Foundation for help with definitions.

View and discuss Act I.ii of Hamlet - Claudius's speech and Hamlet's dialogue with Claudius and Gertrude

HW: For Friday, read The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Act I.iii, I.iv, I.v and complete the following in your reading journals - write TWO interpretive questions (how or why questions, one about the author’s style, one about events within the play) AND choose a short segment (1-3 lines) that best represents that scene, writing a short justification of why this quotation best represents the scene. See the Study Guide for Act I.i/I.ii for examples.

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