Thursday, November 13, 2014

AGENDA 11/13

In small groups, make an identification poster for villanelles after looking at these examples – what’s the structure of a villanelle? Then, flip the poster page over and choose ONE of the four villanelle examples and dive into it—what does the poem mean? How does the form of a villanelle support or contribute to that meaning?

Next, examine the AP essay prompt page with “Evening Hawk” on it. Read and annotate the poem silently and individually for roughly ten minutes, planning how to respond in an essay and noting what is significant about the poem and what is asked for in the prompt. Then compare ideas with a partner—what might your thesis statements look like? What evidence would you use in body paragraphs? How would you analyze that evidence?

HW: For Friday, read The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Act I.iii, I.iv, I.v and complete the following in your reading journals - write TWO interpretive questions (how or why questions, one about the author’s style, one about events within the play) AND choose a short segment (1-3 lines) that best represents that scene, writing a short justification of why this quotation best represents the scene. See the Study Guide for Act I.i/I.ii for examples. Be ready to review poetry terms in class tomorrow for next week's terms quiz--what do you not yet understand?

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