Friday, November 7, 2014


Entrance Ticket: (open notes!)
Choose ONE and respond briefly, using complete sentences:
According to the excerpts we read from Aristotle's The Poetics,
1-What are the characteristics of a good plot?
2-Why is Oedipus an ideal tragic figure?
3-How might "fear and pity" be aroused?
4-What kinds of "recognition" are important?

Discuss Oedipus Rex in relation to Aristotle's definition of a tragedy as expressed in the
that we read from The Poetics. How does Oedipus match up with the description of the "tragic figure" in The Standard Deviants "What is Tragedy?" video clip?

Watch the Oedipus Rex section of The Standard Deviants as review and discuss
Start at 7:00, end at 15:02.

HW: Prepping for Hamlet: complete a critical annotation on Shakespeare's life or times, typed in MLA format for Monday. See this sample to assist you (but this website, the Shakespeare Resource Center, is off-limits! Choose another site). Next week: Hamlet and timed essay on poetry! Here is a resource for formatting MLA citations from the Online Writing Lab at Purdue.

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