Monday, November 17, 2014

AGENDA 11/17

Meet in groups to practice and generate costume ideas for Act II Reader's Theater presentations to be performed in class on Wednesday

Discuss Hamlet's first soliloquy  and review events of Act I. Watch clips from beginning of Act II--the introduction of "insane Hamlet" and the family meeting between Polonius and Ophelia.

Need help with Hamlet? Try this amazing resource

HW: Timed essay practice prompt - you'll get 15 points no matter how much or little you write, but give yourself 40 minutes (no more!) and try your best. Get your crash-and-burn out now! :-) Poetry concept quiz on Thursday--be sure to know all of these terms and be able to organize them into concept circles and explain your groupings. Performances of Act II on Wednesday (and Friday if needed).

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