Thursday, January 21, 2016


 .pdf of EMC Access Edition of Tale of Two Cities to assist you with vocabulary and comprehension
Discuss Chapters 3 and 4, focusing on characterization of Jarvis Lorry

Reading Quiz tomorrow over chapters 1-6. The quiz will be as follows: 1) brown stockings
and then you describe what this item means in the text and why it's significant.

Sample quiz response: brown stockings
The “brown stockings” refer to the fine stockings that Mr. Jarvis Lorry wears as described in Chapter 4. Dickens describes the stockings as being sleek and form-fitting, showing off Lorry's “good leg”—he is a little vain about the beauty of this particular feature, and it reveals a tiny indulgence in an otherwise restrained and composed, serious man. This is consistent with the characterization of Mr. Lorry as someone who is orderly, proper, and well-put-together, as he has taken care with this part of his attire, but also shows that he has a natural flair that he has taken some effort to tame or restrain, as a representative and professional of Tellson’s Bank, because the color is a serious and mature shade of brown.

Other supports while reading the text:

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