Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Share information from your critical annotations by completing a circle map and tree map for information on The French Revolution. First, collect facts from classmates and add to your circle map. Then, decide ways to group the information into categories, and use a tree map to re-classify the details from your circle map in a more organized way. Finally, write a reflection on "what these maps show" (a summary) and "why these maps matter or are helpful," and bound that in red pen/marker.

HW: Read and annotate Book the Second, chapter 4, "Congratulatory," Chapter 5, "The Jackal," and Chapter 6, "Hundreds of People," Be ready to show your notes from Book the Second and your first 10 vocabulary words on Thursday.

Supports for vocabulary words: .pdf of EMC Access Edition, with words defined at bottom of each page
List of vocabulary words from Virginia Department of Education

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