Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Work Day:

Complete your circle map, tree map, and reflection questions on "The Life and Works of Charles Dickens" using the piece I gave you in class, by editor Robert Sheperd.

Complete 10 vocabulary words for A Tale of Two Cities, Book 1 1-6 and Book 2, chapters 1-9, by writing the word, part of speech, page number, definition, and either an example sentence using the word or an illustration of the word's meaning

Read and annotate Book the Second of A Tale of Two Cities, chapter 7, "Monseigneur in Town"; Chapter 8, "Monseigneur in the Country"; and Chapter 9, "The Gorgon's Head." Notes due tomorrow in class for Book the Second, chapters 1-9.

HW: 10 vocabulary words, circle/tree maps for The French Revolution and Dickens' Life and Works, and notes for Book the Second due tomorrow in class!

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