Thursday, January 28, 2016


Work Day and Progress Checks - collect completed circle/tree maps for The French Revolution and Dickens' Life and Works, check and give feedback on 10 vocabulary words, and check and give feedback on notes for Book the Second

HW: Review the list of Selected Poets given in class and choose three that you are unfamiliar with. Then find and read one poem by each poet (I recommend using Poetry Foundation) and be prepared to answer a quick Socrative Student Activity - question 1 will ask you to name the three poets whose poems you read, and question 2 will ask you to write about one of the three poems--the one that you found most intriguing or that most resonated with you. You will need to be specific in your discussion of question 2, referring to specific line(s) or details that demonstrate you read the poem carefully. If you wish to complete this early, the join code is 910209.

 Read and take notes for Book the Second, chapter 10 "Two Promises," chapter 11 "A Companion Picture," chapter 12 "The Fellow of Delicacy," and chapter 13 "The Fellow of No Delicacy" for Monday.

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