Thursday, January 12, 2017


Textbook room and the joy of book covers!
Start assigning PPT groups/content for chapters 1-3 introductions jigsaw

Guidelines for an Effective PPT:

  • No more than 5 words per line
  • No more than 5 lines per slide
  • Every 5 slides, do something visually different (change placement of images, add new background color or transition, etc.)
  • Remember: PPT is a visual medium. Try to relay content through images and use little text
  • Use clear, easy-to-read fonts, at least size 30
  • Put additional notes for the speaker to say in the "Notes" tab below the slide itself
Groups and Page Numbers:
Group #1: The Nature of Drama, pages 1068-1071
Group #2: Realistic Drama, pages 1112-1116
Group #3: Dramatic Conventions, pages 1114-1116 and glossary, pages 1069-
Terms for Dramatic Conventions group to define:
  • stage directions
  • narrator
  • aside
  • soliloquy
  • monologue
  • dialogue
  • character foil
  • protagonist
  • antagonist
  • dynamic/round character
  • static/flat character
  • stock character
Group #4: Tragedy 1240-1242
Group #5: Tragic Hero 1242-1244
Group #6: Comedy 1244-1246
Group #7: Melodrama and Farce 1246-1247

Work on PPT with your group

HW: Bring Perrine's Literature to class every day this week. Read your assigned pages tonight to prep for tomorrow's group work.

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