Friday, January 27, 2017


Reviewing characteristics of tragedy/tragic figures
Oedipus Rex - background video from the Standard Deviants
Pre-quiz questions:
How do we define a tragedy?

Why should we care about this art form? What makes “tragedy” important?

What are five important characteristics of the tragic figure/tragic hero?

Discuss answers in groups, then watch video from Standard Deviants, starting at 3:45 (three minutes, 45 seconds starts "Part II: What is Tragedy?" and continue to 15:01, at the end of the Oedipus Rex section.

Review additional notes on the characteristics of the tragic figure 

HW: Read pages 1255-1273 Scenes I and II of Oedipus Rex for Monday’s class. We will perform parts as Reader’s Theater, and as you read, look for lines that mention sight and eyes and elements of the tragic figure. Be prepared to respond to the remaining quiz questions!

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