Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Chapter 4 analysis: Characterization of Mr. Jarvis Lorry
Read & annotate passage individually
Assign groups of 3
Escalating Questions

Two Takeaways: 
Dickens uses stark contrasts to describe Mr. Lorry, through antithesis (in the handout given) to show the difference between his actual being to his facade of the banker and the balance he has in his life. 
Mr. Lorry is very reserved and meticulous, but indulges on occasion (through the fire, cleaning his clothing very well, and his stockings to show off his nice legs). 

HW: Read chapters 5 & 6 tonight. Reading quiz tomorrow over important concepts/words/phrases in chapters 1-6. For example, quiz question might just read "Recalled to Life" and you'll write about its significance.

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