Tuesday, January 6, 2015


1) Seat change + partner sharing about Winter Break highlights
2) Quick overview of semester 
  • Poetry Project
  • Novels: A Tale of Two Cities, 100 Years of Solitude, A Lesson Before Dying, Jasmine
  • Timed essay practice: dual-poem, prose, poetry, open question
  • Full-length exam practice around spring break
3) Analysis and Discussion of Joyce Carol Oates' novel excerpt with thesis claim; found examples of Figures of Repetition, Syntax, Diction, Diction Patterns, Conventions of Fiction/Imaginative Prose, Figurative Language, Others and organized into Concept Circles w/ relevant line numbers

Talking points: Oates uses various devices typically associated with different genres (refrains, asides) to support mood and the themes in her work--heightening the realization of the moment of death as a "theatrical" moment in an otherwise colloquial piece. Other devices are more common to fictional prose.

HW: Bring books to return and ID cards.  

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