Friday, January 16, 2015


Meeting in College Center for Financial Aid and life after college applications (ha!).
FAFSA deadline for CA is 3/2; deadline for private schools is earlier. Also CSS Financial Aid profile must be completed. These applications will take TIME, so don't delay.
Commit day is 5/1--make sure to commit SOMEWHERE even if you're still wait-listed by dream school
Apply to scholarships, but only those you're eligible for--and remember, if there's an essay, your chances are better! ;-) #lifetip

Homework for Tuesday: Timed essay - Two poems. Prepare by reading pages 296-297 in Sound and Sense. Choose one of the paired poems and write an introduction and one body paragraph (Spend 40 minutes maximum on this!). We'll discuss Tale, Book the 2nd, Ch 1-6 on Wednesday.Read and take notes for Tale Book the 2nd, chapters 7-10 for Thursday.

Takeaway: It's not over. Don't think it's over. It's never over.

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  1. Thanks, T.W. for today's blog post and the cynical takeaway. ;-)