Thursday, January 8, 2015


Generating Concept Circles for Fiction Unit
Group activity
Round 1: Deal out cards to each group. Sort each term, grouping if possible, then create concept circles and add 3-5 terms
Round 2: Jigsaw--mix groups. Share each previous group's concept circles. Add and revise terms/category names as needed. Rewrite new compiled circles.
Round 3: Trade drafts to new groups. Give final edits/revisions, then turn in final copy to Pust.

Introduce supports for reading A Tale of Two Cities--we'll pick up the book from the textbook room tomorrow (assuming they're processed and ready for us!)

Two Take-aways:
-Grasping the true meanings of poetic devices through association with other devices as well as grouping based on similarities and differences.
-Understand that there are various ways to group the words provided

HW: Review the Poet List and read one poem by FIVE poets--as you read each, notice your reactions, and be prepared to share likes, dislikes, confusion, or sheer love tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks, D.B. for providing today's update and takeaways!