Thursday, January 22, 2015


Aloha! Happy Hawaiian Day for Spirit Week!

Select poets for Spring Poet Study Project; review critical annotation requirements
Discuss Book the Second, Chapters 7-12 of Tale

HW: For Monday, bring a typed critical annotation for your chosen poet. Research (from one source, online or in print) your poet's life and write a well-developed paragraph that tackles the following:

  1. Summarize: What did you read about or learn? What are the highlights? Include two specific details (in the form of direct quotation) that you discovered.
  2. Assess: Evaluate the credibility of the source and the accuracy of the information. How do you know you can trust this source? Or if you can't, what clues tipped you off? Also, explain how what you read matches up with your prior knowledge (if you have any) of the poet's life or works.
  3. Reflect: What was interesting or surprising? How might this information be useful as you explore this poet's life and work? What might you want to be cautious about, so that you don't over-assume things about the poetry and lay on autobiographical intent that isn't there.
  4. Use MLA format and include an MLA-formatted citation at the end.
HINTS: This is exactly the same as the Shakespeare critical annotation assignment we did last semester, except that this time, I'm pushing the "reflect" element in the hopes that you will pre-screen the research for its usefulness. Also, if you have difficulties printing things out, feel free to email me the document on Sunday (or before) and I will print a hard copy for you. Finally, if you cannot confine your ideas logically to a paragraph, you have my permission to use additional paragraphs as needed, but this should be viewed as a brief assignment.

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